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Welcome to PersonalData.IO,

  The problem!
We have all lost control over our personal data, yet we have no space where we can collectively reclaim it. We want to encourage collaborative dynamics between the general public and within civil society in all of its diversity (activists, researchers, educators, etc). These dynamics materialize around information about the personal data ecosystem, as well as cutting edge tools to respond to current practices and shape the future of the personal data economy.

  Get involved
You can join us at the Project:Community Portal.

  What we do
We encourage individuals to exercise their data rights, particularly when we think collective exercise of those rights would be transformative. We mainly encourage people to exercise their right of access, through Subject Access Requests, sometimes organized in focused campaigns. We also produce visualisations, as they are useful for aligning a large group of individuals with disjoint expertise.

  About us
We are a small Geneva nonprofit focused on data protection. We want to empower an agile civil society to respond to threats associated with personal data. You can find more info about us here.


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