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We think producing quickly and efficiently visualisations that are maximally relevant to specific segments of our stakeholders is key to our success in engaging progressively more participants.

We find ourselves in a particularly virtuous feedback loop if we manage to put contributors in front of a simple interface (to them) to enter data, knowing that their work will directly translate into an outcome valuable to them. The easiest way to achieve that is to give them a perspective on their own work that they didn't have before, because they can then address their peers with already new information.

For this reason, we need to be able to produce high quality visualisations in an extremely modular way. There are several reasons for the modularity:

  • separation of concerns between querying the database for data and producing the visualisation itself;
  • modularity of either side;
  • access controls on components generating such requests.

For these reasons, we wish to split searches below into reusable components, but we are not there yet...


These are some of the visualizations we are building together.

Data ecosystem Topic Visualization
Facebook's tools various Facebook tools, and how they exchange information simple view of FB

extended view of FB

Facebook and disinformation how disinformation blends into our information ecosystem through Facebook FB and disinformation
Cambridge Analytica scandal visual summary summary of Cambridge Analytica scandal
Adtech ecosystem routes your personal data takes when you browse the web
Platform economy and work workers contribute a lot of data to the gig work ecosystem
Mobility data ecosystem actors and activities in the mobility space
Open Science Hardware Mapping the Gathering for Open Science Hardware community
Uber [1]