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This page is focused on mapping efforts for MyData ecosystems.

Get started

To get started: - open an account (not necessary, but helps in tracking afterwards your contributions); - go to preferences -> gadgets, and activate all of them.


The following categories have been identified as important:


The tasks are ordered for maximal efficiency, both in learning (autonomy) and data entry. If the whole mapping project is thought of as a map, then:

  • the nodes are best entered in batch, via CSV and [ | Quick Statements]
  • the edges are sometimes best entered via a batch, sometimes better manually through GUI (depends on sizes)
  • categorization and interdependency modeling of more complex things (like "concepts") is best done through the GUI with constant feedback of visual [|query] outputs (actual graphs).

We will use ad hoc processes to enter organisations, individuals and groups. Then we will figure out what to do for projects. Then for concepts. Then link all this together.