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Hi there!

It was very nice to meet all of you in Brussels. I apologize I had to run off to Amsterdam, this was extremely quick!

If you are interested in discussing gig issues further with me, I have started a while ago a WhatsApp channel for gig workers interested to use data rights for advocacy (and friendly supports in civil society). That channel is at (English, French, whatever welcome). My aim there is to empower individuals around personal data, and enable them to form the collectives they choose. This means I am not focused on building a common database of personal data or something like that (at least not at the moment), but rather on *explaining* rights, how to use them for maximum leverage, and then *explaining* how to analyse the data and how to use it to maximize advocacy goals.

I am also board member of MyData Global. I invite you to join their Slack workspace, *especially the #gig-work channel* (join at ). This is a very good place to find local support around data, through our network of hubs ( ).

Thanks for reading!

Paul-Olivier Dehaye