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  1. defaultView:Graph

SELECT ?item1 ?item1Label ?rgb ?item2 ?item2Label WITH {

 SELECT ?predicateFilterValue ?predicateFilterValueRGB WHERE {
   VALUES (?predicateFilterValue ?predicateFilterValueRGB) {

} AS %predicateFilterValues WITH {

 SELECT ?predicate ?subjectValue ?objectValue ?predicateRGB  WHERE {
   VALUES (?predicate ?subjectValue ?objectValue ?predicateRGB) {

} AS %predicates WITH {SELECT ?node ?nodeRGB WHERE {

   ?node {{{predicate}}} ?predicateFilterValue.
   INCLUDE %predicateFilterValues.
   BIND(?predicateFilterValueRGB AS ?nodeRGB)

} AS %nodes WITH {SELECT ?subject ?object ?edgeRGB WHERE {

   INCLUDE %predicates.
   ?subject {{{predicate}}} ?subjectValue.
   ?object {{{predicate}}} ?objectValue.
   ?subject ?predicate ?object.
   # This is filtering for each edge twice, potentially a huge waste: |E|*|V| instead of |V|
   BIND(?predicateRGB as ?edgeRGB)

} AS %edges WHERE {

    INCLUDE %nodes.
    BIND(?node AS ?item1).
    BIND(?nodeRGB AS ?rgb).
    INCLUDE %edges.
    BIND(?subject AS ?item1).
    BIND(?object AS ?item2).
    BIND(?edgeRGB AS ?rgb).
 SERVICE wikibase:label {
   bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en" . 

} LIMIT 10000