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This is used to show a localized label for a property, linked to the property page. It automatically uses the current user's language. {{P}} is a shortcut that redirects here. For example:

{{P|25}}relationship (P25)

You can use the anchor parameter to provide an html anchor (see {{Anchor}}), and show_p=no to hide the (PXX) prefix, as in:


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<templatedata> { "params": { "1": { "label": { "en": "Property", "fr": "Propriété", "zh-hans": "属性" }, "description": { "en": "Property identifier", "fr": "Identifiant de la propriété", "zh-hans": "属性标识符" }, "example": { "en": "P31", "fr": "P31" }, "type": "wiki-page-name", "required": true }, "anchor": { "label": { "en": "Anchor", "fr": "Ancre", "zh-hans": "锚点" }, "description": { "en": "Create an anchor for the link", "fr": "Créer une ancre pour le lien", "zh-hans": "创建链接锚点" }, "example": { "en": "\"yes\" or \"no\"", "fr": "\"yes\" ou \"no\"", "zh-hans": "\"yes\"或\"no\"" }, "type": "string", "default": { "en": "no", "fr": "no" } }, "show_p": { "label": { "en": "Show identifier", "fr": "Afficher l’identiant", "zh-hans": "显示标识符" }, "description": { "en": "Show the property identifier after its localized name", "fr": "Affiche l’identifiant de la propriété après son nom traduit" }, "example": { "en": "\"yes\" or \"no\"", "fr": "\"yes\" ou \"no\"" }, "type": "string", "default": { "en": "yes", "fr": "yes" } } }, "format": "inline", "description": { "en": "Create a localized link to a property", "fr": "Crée un lien vers une propriété, traduit dans la langue de l’utilisateur" } } </templatedata>