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Template used to format uniformally (resp.) property and item labels. Useful into other templates to display with the same conventions. Used for example in {{C}}


< Universe >

< Q1 >

  • {{Format|property|instance of}}

instance of

instance of (P3)

  • {{Format|item|Universe|color=Blue}}

< Universe >

  • {{Format|value|no value|color=None}}

no value Help

See also

  • {{C}}

<templatedata> { "params": { "1": { "aliases": [ "type" ], "label": "type of format to use", "description": "\"value\" for a claim value, \"item\" for an item, \"property\" for a property ", "example": "< Q5 >", "type": "string", "required": true, "suggested": true }, "2": { "aliases": [ "value" ], "description": "the value to format", "example": "Q5, no value, P31, instance of, ...", "type": "string", "suggested": true }, "color": {} }, "description": "Used to format properties, items or statement values in a consistent way, used for example in Template:Claim", "format": "inline" } </templatedata>