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Dear {{wikidata|label|{{{1}}}}},
This is a transparency request under the General Data Protection Regulation, including a subject access request, a portability request, and other specific provisions. **Please note that it is not legal to require data subjects to use an in-house form**. (see for instance UK Information Commissioner’s Office, ‘Subject Access Code of Practice’ (9 June 2017) p 13; Information Commissioner’s Office, ‘Guide to the GDPR: Right to access’ (22 May 2019), stating that 'even if you have a form, you should note that a subject access request is valid if it is submitted by any means, so you will still need to comply with any requests you receive in a letter, a standard email or verbally [..] although you may invite individuals to use a form, you must make it clear that it is not compulsory').
I would like to request a copy of all my personal data held and/or undergoing processing. This is both a subject access request and a portability request.
This request covers all my personal data {{#if: {{#invoke:wd|properties|{{{1}}}|P10|}} |and in particular the following which your privacy documentation mentions:
{{#invoke:wd|properties|qualifier|{{{1}}}|P10|P126|format=<nowiki />
- %p [(%q)]%a


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