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Work in progress.

  • How do we structure Internet of Things (IoT) devices like Tesla Cars or Amazon Echo / Alexa?
  • Should we make on item by model? Group of model?
  • One item by services? But what is the services? Typically Amazon Echo devices are linked to Alexa services, but they may differ in data collection.
  • Can we do a type of data collection and inject it in all Tesla Cars Model?
  • How do we index data controllers? Etc?

Internet of Things & Connected Devices Ontology

Every devices have 3 "module" that seem interesting for personaldata:

  • The device (for example ssn:Device or iot-o:SoftwareAgent)
  • The sensing module, what kind of data is possible to record on a given device
  • The service module. In many cases, the IoT and the programmable web are very close. Connected devices can be seen as service providers and consumers,and by specifying a notion of service, every aspect of an IoT system can be represented. IoT-O, a Core-Domain IoT Ontology to Represent Connected Devices Networks, July 2017.


Use cases

The Ontology need to be suitable for data entries and the usages of those data. We need to identify use case and test the ontology against those.

  • For a given device I want to know what the device's sensors may record
  • For a given device I want to know what the device's sensors may transmit to third party