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Some contributors to PersonalData.IO are adding value by contributing tools to the ecosystem. These might take different form, such as clever-er gadgets, or external websites that provide a new front end to the same backend.

As such they rely on the ontology we (manage to) agree to, sometimes critically. So they depend on what happens over at Project:Ontology, and it is important that this project is informed of the tools built on top of the database, and the assumptions they make.


Le Temps Frontend

(PR: please describe, link, and clarify assumptions and how to test, add relevant material in Project:Ontology/GDPR)

Alex Bowyer's GDPR study

I (User:Alexbfree) am a PhD student at Newcastle University. I am running a study where I am guiding participants through making GDPR requests and then talking to them about the data they get back. I am using the wiki as a means to produce GDPR requests in a standard form. I started out using the MediaWiki:Access.js template, but have since created my own variant at User:Alexbfree/Code:GDPRMailAccess.js. My general process is that each time a participant selects a company, I go through that company's privacy policy and privacy pages and encode all the relevant info, especially collects (P10) and requires (P122), onto this wiki, so that I can use the plugin to generate the request, which the participant then sends. I am doing some basic tracking of my progress here. I have added a lot more details on which snaks, properties and qualifiers I am using at Project:Ontology/GDPR.

Add others here

  • Add details of your shiny new tool which introduces for you an important dependency on the wiki