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version 1.31 (ex base.personaldata.io)

version 1.32

  • wiki
  • WDQS
  • test (needs more than one result when pressing on the play button)

Paul personal

Give me copy of Docker repo for:

  • PrivatePaul
  • private.dehaye.org
  • nothing public (view, edit, account creation)
  • with Wikibase, WBQS, etc

and host it.


as above, with in addition:

  • name: PersonalData.IO
  • host: base.personaldata.io
  • default settings for what is public/not
  • gadget extension



Ip : (Infomaniak VM)

root@ov-f89f95:~# docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                   COMMAND                   CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                    NAMES
470b6d3fa9bf        wikibase/quickstatements_perso:latest   "/bin/bash /entrypoi…"    2 hours ago         Up 2 hours>80/tcp     wikibase-docker-v32-perso_quickstatements_1
d9b4e209c3be        wikibase/wikibase_perso:latest          "/bin/bash /entrypoi…"    2 hours ago         Up 2 hours>80/tcp     wikibase-docker-v32-perso_wikibase_1
e25b57d73756        mariadb_perso:latest                    "docker-entrypoint.s…"    2 hours ago         Up 2 hours          3306/tcp                 wikibase-docker-v32-perso_mysql_1
a5e0aed44d4c        wikibase/wdqs-frontend_perso:latest     "/entrypoint.sh ngin…"    3 hours ago         Up 3 hours>80/tcp     wikibase-docker-v32-perso_wdqs-frontend_1
54a3237084ca        wikibase/wdqs-proxy_perso:latest        "/bin/sh -c \"/entryp…"   3 hours ago         Up 3 hours>80/tcp     wikibase-docker-v32-perso_wdqs-proxy_1
4a87f42b70a1        wikibase/wdqs_perso:latest              "/entrypoint.sh /run…"    3 hours ago         Up 3 hours          9999/tcp                 wikibase-docker-v32-perso_wdqs_1
28589bc4d3d6        elasticsearch                           "/docker-entrypoint.…"    3 hours ago         Up 3 hours          9200/tcp, 9300/tcp       wikibase-docker-v32-perso_elasticsearch_1
b9f506323df7        portainer/portainer                     "/portainer --admin-…"    4 hours ago         Up 4 hours>9000/tcp   distracted_haslett

Installation with docker-compose docdocker-compose.yml.