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Screens (1 set per room)
1pc Projection screen 427 x 240 cm
1pc 10.000 ansilumen laser projector with lens
Presentation set up (1 set per room)
2pcs Presentation Computer
1 pcs Video playback unit (MacBook Pro)
1 pcs Presentation Switcher
2 pcs Comfort Monitor (notes + pgm)
1 pcs Countdown clock system on two iPads (stage + lectern)
1 pcs Wireless Presenter
Sound (1 set per room)  
1 pcs Sound mixer, stage monitoring and loudspeaker system
4 pcs Wireless hand held / head set mic
1 pcs Wireless hand held mic for Q & A


This is tentative, as it will partly depend on what is agreed on Session 1. Session 1 ends at 4.40pm local. I suspect the following will be possible:

  • 4.45pm round of introduction (15 min)
  • 5.00pm official start of the onsite session
  • 5.00pm onsite central introduction (i.e. not Paul)
  • 5.10pm introduction for the table particulars: intro to wikibase and how it works: examples (see below), discussion
  • 5.35pm examples of data ecosystems (see below)
  • 5.40pm what about us now? what do you want to do? is this helpful for education? distributed mapping
  • at the end, I presume, sharing back, with the table and with the
  • 6.15pm session ends

Examples of the tool

Data ecosystems


  • Paul-Olivier Dehaye's onsite table

Virtually Connecting


We want to adopt the Virtually Connecting method (see Manifesto, How To).

We will have a hybrid online/onsite table and will follow along the rest of the workshop. Paul-Olivier Dehaye will be table leader.

Set up information

  • Onsite buddy: Mad Ball? (twitter backchannel?)
  • Online buddy: Autumm Caines? (twitter backchannel?)

WhatsApp chat direct link:

Call in???