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The data controller popup is what shows up in the top right when someone loads an item that is a data controller, for instance Uber (Q101).

Current implementation


  • Make the whole popup be a wikitext template, using the MediaWiki Template framework
  • A warning to check the email address that things are sent to (this would be a sneaky way to be a bad guy)
  • A button to copy to clipboard the mailto link (browsers make it difficult to copy this type of link)
  • An invitation to Tweet "I just asked my data from company ____, join me at ____"

How to do it

  • Ask for access to be able to modify the MediaWiki namespace
  • better yet, implement your new version as a user script:
    • go to your own Special:Mypage/common.js
    • add a line to load your own script (see how it's done and get inspired by any other user's scripts, for instance User:Podehaye/common.js)
    • copy/paste/modify MediaWiki:Access.js into this new script, to do what you want in parallel to the current version (so you have two popups!)
    • tell an admin to take your script and make it sidewide