Paul-Olivier Dehaye

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See the Wikidata entry for more information about Paul-Olivier Dehaye (Paul-Olivier Dehaye (Q351)).

With a background in mathematical research, he has extensively researched personal data ecosystems as far as his own personal data is concerned. In one notable case, he found out advertisers were profiling him on medical conditions. In another, he went to Arbitration Court and forced them to change their practices. His efforts have been extensively documented, including by trade publications in the adtech business.

Switching to a different mode, he has also helped journalists cover this issue, in various ways:

He has helped thousands in the general public file SARs to Tinder, Facebook or Uber, leading all those companies to change their practices.

He has also testified at the European Parliament (multiple times), the U.N., at the Council of Europe, the WTO and at the UK Parliament.

He is also the founder of Hestia.AI, a company working on the HestiaLabs project.