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We want to explore what data Facebook has about us.

  • go to Facebook on your laptop
  • go to your "Settings" (little arrow in top right pointing down, then "Settings")

Access your information

  • go to "Settings > Your Facebook Information > Access Your Information"
  • explore a bit, in particular from "Settings > Your Facebook Information > Access Your Information":
    • in the first section, Your Information:
    • in the second section, Information About You:
      • in the subsection About You:
      • in the subsection Search History:
      • in the subsection Security and Login Information:
        • "Where You Are Logged In": pay attention to the duration of your logins. The whole time you are logged in, you are subject to Facebook's Terms of Service. Do you know what they say?
      • in the subsection Ads:
        • "Ads Interests" these are things you have actively provided, mostly
        • "Advertisers Who Uploaded a Contact List With Your Information"
          • in tab Who uploaded a list with your info and advertised to it, you can find a list of different advertisers who advertised to you. Many more have presumably uploaded information about you, but you don't know and Facebook won't tell. See here for a history of how Facebook was forced to disclose some of the information here.
          • in tab Who have uploaded and shared a list with your info, you can find a list of all the brokers who have passed on advertising list to others. For each, if you click View Details > Advertisers using lists with your info, you can see how many end users of this list there were.
          • in tab More > Whose websites or apps you may have used, you will find a list of websites and apps who have tracked you. How?

Download your information

At "Settings > Your Facebook Information > Download Your Information" you can download some of the information you can otherwise access visually via the "Access Your Information" page.

  • use the tool to download some of your information
  • explore this in raw format so you can make sense of it independently of Facebook's interface
  • ask yourself a few questions:
    • what format does it use?
    • what size does each part have?
    • is it exactly the same? (for instance, for face recognition?)