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  • Understand the different type of file format: txt, csv, xls, js, json, pdf.
  • How to manage data in printed form?
  • How to uncompresss files?
  • How to anonymize data obtained through SAR? Which data should anonymized (IP, credit card number, sex/gender, birth date, geolocation...)?
  • Data analysis. What tools?
  • How to share obtained data with the community (academics, media, ...) ? Through which tools/platform? Are there any guidelines?
  • Start a non-exhaustive list of the profile data: IP, Cookie ID, First Access, Last Access, Logout dates, operating system, browser (language, country, type, version, ...), location (country, city, ...), invoices, targeting (Type, Value, ...), search terms, URL of the website visited prior,
  • How to indicate in the wiki which profile data have been obtained ? Which data are missing?
  • How to document the data collection procedure? Through an electronic laboratory notebook ?