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This template creates example usage syntax for a template, and links the name to the template page. The name is derived from "Template list expanded".

Up to 7 pass parameters (numbered) for the specified template are displayed as 'placeholders', and more parameters are shown as "|...". An optional SISTER parameter can specify an interwiki prefix to link to another wiki. Examples:

Code Result Remark
{{Tlx|x0}} {{x0}}  
{{Tlx|x1|one}} {{x1|one}}  
{{Tlx|x2|one|two}} {{x2|one|two}}  
{{Tlx|x3|1|2|3}} {{x3|1|2|3}}  
{{Tlx|x4|1|2|3|4}} {{x4|1|2|3|4}} up to 7 parameters, then ...
{{Tlx|x4|1|2|3&#124;4}} {{x4|1|2|3|4}} &#124; for more
{{Tlx|x1|x=u}} {{x1}} = won't work
{{Tlx|x1|x&#61;u}} {{x1|x=u}} &#61; is okay
{{Tlx|x1|<nowiki>x=u</nowiki>}} {{x1|x=u}} sticky nowiki is okay
{{Tlx|x2| |two}} {{x2|two}} empty won't work
{{Tlx|x2|&#32;|two}} {{x2| |two}} &#32; is okay
{{Tlx|x2|&nbsp;|two}} {{x2| |two}} &nbsp; is okay
{{Tlx|x2| &#124; two}} {{x2| | two}} &#124; is okay
{{Tlx|x2| {{!}} two}} {{x2| | two}} {{!}} is dubious
{{Tlx|x2|2=|3=two}} {{x2|two}} empty really doesn't work
{{Tlx|x2|3=two|2=one}} {{x2|one|two}} right to left okay

<templatedata> { "description": "Template list expanded", "params": { "1": { "label": "Template", "description": "Linked template name", "type": "string/wiki-page-name" }, "2": { "label": "Parameter", "description": "Optional parameter", "type": "string" }, "3": { "description": "For 2 parameters", "type": "string" }, "4": { "description": "For 3 parameters", "type": "string" }, "5": { "description": "For 4 parameters", "type": "string" }, "6": { "description": "For 5 parameters", "type": "string" }, "7": { "description": "For 6 parameters", "type": "string" }, "8": { "label": "Overflow", "description": "Overflow shown as ...", "type": "string" }, "SISTER": { "label": "Interwiki", "description": "Optional InterWiki link prefix", "type": "string" } } }</templatedata>