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* {{P|3}} - {{Q|96}}
* {{P|3}} - {{Q|96}}
* {{P|17}} - "mailto:johnny@example.com"
* {{P|17}} - "mailto:johnny@example.com"
** {{Q|1062}} - {{Q|96}} - not currently checked but it should be, as there may be a general support email as well as a data protection officer specific email address.
* {{P|282}} - "https://company/privacy/contact" - this is necessary where there is no known email address for contacting the data protection officer, only a form. In these cases you probably still need to add {{P|17}} but with a dummy email address (and a comment qualifier making clear it is not a real address). The generated email then has to be manually pasted into the contact form for submission.
* {{P|10}} - some data points
* {{P|10}} - some data points
* {{P|15}} - URL (optional really)
* {{P|15}} - URL (optional really)

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Use cases

The Ontology need to be suitable for data entries and the usages of those data. We need to identify use case and test the ontology against those.


Swisscom (Q988)

Core snaks

(Q: how do we refer to privacy policy? there are a few different ways to do it)

Data rights snaks

Multiple choice between different options


PREFIX pdio: <https://wiki.personaldata.io/entity/>
PREFIX pdiot: <https://wiki.personaldata.io/prop/direct/>
PREFIX pdiop: <https://wiki.personaldata.io/prop/>
PREFIX pdiops: <https://wiki.personaldata.io/prop/statement/>
PREFIX pdiopq: <https://wiki.personaldata.io/prop/qualifier/>
SELECT ?item ?itemLabel ?link WHERE {
  ?item pdiot:P110 pdio:Q3006. #P110 <-concerns Q3006 <-ontology model	
  OPTIONAL {?item pdiot:P15 ?link.}
  SERVICE wikibase:label {
    bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en" . 

sources on (GDPR) ontology modeling (embedded)