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Dating Privacy aims to contribute with data literacy and gaining control over personal information in a secured and ethical manner for end users.

My co-founders and I -with some of us being dating app users- have started this collective as a social movement after identifying several privacy risks one is confronted to when looking for a date online: unwanted ads, harms resulting from incorrect profiling and predictions, the possibility of phishing and identity theft.

Dating Privacy is formed by members coming from different countries, disciplines (mathematics, sociology, journalism, law, physics) and foreparts (academia, private, independent, citizen NGO).

Contact e-mail:
Twitter @datingprivacy
Meetings online at
Every first Wednesday of the month at 8:15 pm (CET)

Past event:
“Dating Privacy” Collective Launch: Our Plan To Change the ‘Data for Dates’ Paradigm – Friday 12th Feb at 7:30 pm (CET)
link to the presentation
Meetup event:
Linkedin event

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  1. Implement tools that allow users to request and analyse their data
  2. Find and ask for SAR with a concrete example and cooperate with communities in order to 1 increase the impact 2 relay the info
  3. Enrich the wiki with data structures extracted from the SARs
  4. Develop methodologies that allow for research without dependency on commercial platforms
  5. Formalize the working group and project with an official legal entity


Partners: MyData Vaud and

Good practices

  1. Start requesting your data via this link

a.Type in the box the dating app name you use
b.Copy-paste the message and email address
c.Send it and wait for your file

  1. Download Exodus on your phone. It allows you to see the permissions you grant to a dating app
  2. Configure your privacy settings on your dating app
  3. Check out Mozilla privacy test on different dating apps
  4. Request deleting your data on a dating app when you stop using the app via the settings or sending an email. It is not enough to uninstall the app

Problems Identified

  1. Sharing personal data with third parties which is not necessary for the app functioning. The Grindr case study. Check third-parties that are the biggest players
  2. Sexual harassment
  3. Scams, phishing, fake profiles
  4. Users are affected by malicious behaviours 1 and 2 so how are dating apps moderating this and protecting users via the analysis of their personal data?
  5. Between 10-20% of users find a partner in France, Switzerland and United States. Do users really get the outcomes they want from the app in exchange for providing their data?
  6. Subscription rates change according to user demographic characteristics (ex. Tinder)


  1. Jessica Pidoux works on revealing biases in Tinder's secretive matching algorithms.s Pidoux
  2. Paul-Olivier Dehaye obtained the first personal data file from Tinder along with author Judith Duportail Podehaye
  3. Marie-Pierre maps the dating app ecosystem and delves into dating app patents Genferei
  4. Frank has revealed privacy risks on Hinge and is currently being messed around by Hinge, Bumble and Tinder having asked for his data Frandrews
  5. HermineL
  6. Judith H. digs into regulation policies and howonline dating interacts with collective practices and communities

TO DO / On going

Map the data ecosystem
Next meeting define case study and methodology
Add downloads per app in the wiki. Dating app list
Permissions per app via Exodus
Add link to privacy policy
Defining the project scope
Organize media articles per data

Dating apps' list

  • Wiki

-->list of dating apps available on this wiki

-->list of dating apps available on wikidata

List of apps per downloads

Privacy Policies

Links can be found in the wiki

Princeton-Leuven Longitudinal Corpus of Privacy Policies. Front-end here: and the repository here:

Partners/third parties

“Out Of Control” – A Review Of Data Sharing By Popular Mobile Apps published in January 2020
see Technical report
Complaint letters



List of Match Group patents:
Tinder Patents:

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Match Group

Hinge: Brevet publié en 2013 puis abandonné, jamais délivré.

Facebook Dating:



Tinder Annual report: Tinder on-going accusations. The Irish DPC case, also prices can vary according to users' age
My GDPR Complaint Against Tinder
Data Protection Commission launches Statutory Inquiry into MTCH Technology Services Limited (Tinder)

Data leaks and media scandals

Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison Leak No Big Deal? Think Again
Les résultats de Grindr révélés grâce au scandale Ashley Madison "Grindr a eu des revenus résultant à la fois des abonnements et de la publicité de près de 16 millions de dollars en 2012"

Here is a mirror for the OKCupid OSF Emil Kirkegaard dataset
Researchers Caused an Uproar By Publishing Data From 70,000 OkCupid Users
Controversy over OKCupid keynote at CHI 2018

Données privées : le site de rencontres Grindr mis en cause

LOVOO’s CEO Benjamin Bak resigns

En détournant l’app Happn, un hacker peut tracer votre chemin en temps réel

References with databases

Rosenfeld, Michael J., Reuben J. Thomas, and Sonia Hausen. 2019 How Couples Meet and Stay Together 2017 fresh sample. [Computer files]. Stanford, CA: Stanford University Libraries.
The OKCupid dataset: A very large public dataset of dating site users
- Full paper:


Tinder usage statistics:\#2
Pew Research Center (Feb 2020): The Virtues and Downsides of Online Dating. Retrieved from
Swiss Federal Statistical Office (Nov 2019): Families and Generations Survey. Retrieved from
INED France (2016)

Technical references

An Evidence‐based Forensic Taxonomy of Windows Phone Dating Apps
Privacy Risks in Mobile Dating Apps
Technical report by mnemonic with the Norwegian consummer assoc showing data trading and GDPR compliance coded:
Tinder engineering blog:
TinVec explanation by Tinder's lead engineer:
Happn by exodus:
OkCupid engineering website: Evaluating Perceptual Image Hashes at OkCupid
How OkCupid organizes its multi-page React app
Lovoo engineering: dotGo 2016: Go machine learning at large scale
Lovoo github:
bbuzz 17: Anti-Spam and Machine learning at LOVOO
Digital methods project "Mapping data ecologies of the dating industry"


  1. Tools to sample how many apps are in the Google and Play stores:

"Google Play Store Scraper" is a simple tool to extract the details of individual apps, collect their related apps, retrieve app permissions, and retrieve a list of apps for a given keyword.
"iTunes App Store Scraper"

List of apps with SAR

App Female Male Country
Adopteunmec 1 0 CH
Badoo 1 0 CH
Bumble 1 0 CH
happn 1 0 CH
HER 1 0 CH
Once 1 0 CH
Parship 1 0 CH
PlanetRomeo 0 1 CH
Scruff 0 1 CH
Tinder 1 1 CH