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Data license

Our data content (in the Item and Property namespaces) is covered by the Creative Commons CC0 Waiver (see Creative Commons CC0 License (Q38)), which states that you are free to share (copy, distribute and transmit) and remix (adapt) the work. Our terms of use covers the ethical and social norms for attribution that we expect from research communities. For any reuse or distribution, we would appreciate that you make clear to others the CC0 terms for the work. The best way to do this is with a link to this web page. Again, this license is fairly permissive, so you shouldn't feel paralyzed by legalese if you are interested in using or redistributing our data content. Just be sure to read the terms of use and if you have any questions about fair use, don't hesitate to contact us. A detailed FAQ on CC0 can be found here, which was written by the Wikimedia community.


We came to the conclusion that this was the best licensing model after some hesitation. This hesitation stemmed from the hope that it would be possible to construct a copyleft data license, or reuse the only existing one (Open Database License (ODbL) v1.0 (Q1583)). We became convinced this was futile and thus a bad idea through reading these references: List of references on data licenses (Q2008).

For convenience, we maintain a list of related datasets and their licenses.

Software license

MediaWiki and the various extensions used for our hosting software have licenses listed at Special:Version.

The user-contributed software (for instance the user scripts and the gadgets in the MediaWiki namespace) are by default contributed under CC-BY-SA. This is due to Wikidata having that same license for its software and the expectation that contributors will cut and paste freely from Wikipedia and Wikidata.

Wikipedia and Wikidata encourage contributors to double license original contribution under the GPL, and we do the same here, on a per file basis.

We think there might be interesting options to explore with copyleft mixed licenses. We would love to have a deeper conversation with you on those topics. Please do reach out.

Terms of Use


When adding data here, your contributions should reflect your best understanding of what you are representing. Whenever possible, contributions should be referenced by published, peer-reviewed literature or research. You can manually transcribe content from the following resources with appropriate attribution:

  • text books
  • research articles and reviews
  • public databases and resources
  • trusted online resources, including Wikipedia
  • your own research and hypotheses (reasonably tested)

You should not make contributions based on work presented by other researchers yet to be published or based on proprietary sources (purchased databases, company secrets, etc). You should also not create content from other content in an automated way, unless that content is CC0 too.


You can download our content in any of the available data and image formats we provide. Massive downloads might be a drain of resources, so please be considerate. In most cases it will be sufficient to flag your use of our systems so we can advise you on how to do things more frugally.


You are free to use our content in presentations, documents, websites and publications. You are free to use our content in analyses, qualitative or quantitative. We appreciate it if you cite or give appropriate attribution to PersonalData.IO, since we believe this to be in accordance with community and professional norms and standards of all the domains we interact with (academia, journalism, activism, etc). See Attribution below.


You are free to redistribute our content on your website, as part of your own resource, with your own software application. You are free to charge for services associated with our content, but we would be very disappointed if you would charge users for the content itself, since the content is freely available here anyways. This does not prevent you from redistributing the content on a CD or as a digital download along with software that you are charging for, however we would appreciate that you make clear that the content is free and freely available from wiki.PersonalData.IO. This does not prevent you from charging for services including additional curation, modification or analysis of the content, but we sincerely hope that you make clear that the content is free and freely available from wiki.PersonalData.IO. You may even sell modified versions of our content, e.g., as art, on your website, and we would love you to make clear that the content is free and freely available from We think you get the idea: we would not be happy if you are making money of content, which other users freely donated to the community. So please, be a good person and do not charge for the content as provided by and if you do associate the content with something you are are selling, add a statement to make clear that the content is free and freely available from See Attribution below

Adapting, Dissecting, Augmenting

You are free to download, use and redistribute any part of our data according to the Terms of Use. You are free to augment, extend and build upon the content outside of and then use or redistribute according to the Terms of Use. You are free to edit, subtract from and change the content outside of and then use or redistribute according to the Terms of Use. Of course, we believe it is better to make edits directly to the content within itself, to grow the content and share alike, but this is not strictly required. If there is a feature or function you require in order to perform an edit to the content, do not hesitate to contact us and participate in the design and implementation of the new feature yourself. This is an open source project, after all!


When referring to the latest website or content, please cite us in the following way:

PersonalData.IO, the integrative toolbox addressing Surveillance Capitalism. See