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Dear Preem DPO,

This is a request under the General Data Protection Regulation for access according to Article [15].

I am asking for a copy of all my personal data including: - Personal data that you collect from me, including communication data such as e-mails that we exchange or internal emails about me - Data you collect from public register - Data about "creditworthiness from credit rating agencies, banks or businesses providing public records in conjunction with an application for a bank card or credit product" [Preem privacy policy] - Data you collect from other sources

- Geolocation data - Special categories (The only time that Preem may process special categories of personal data (data on health, trade union membership, etc.) is when it is needed in establishing, exercising and defending legal claims) - Video footage - Transactions and card usage, the related profiling, and the decisions and explanations made based on profiling

- geolocation, IP address, user account, telephone number, performance score, address book