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See Wikibase options for a summary for each option, Louis for the dev notes.

current configuration


  • (FIX) for some reason the item labels don't show anymore
  • (FIX) updater crashes
  • (FIX) sending emails
  • (FIX) Wikibase_options#Widgets is now installed, but creates a problem.
  • (FIX) When trying to log in, seems related to http(s): "There seems to be a problem with your login session; this action has been canceled as a precaution against session hijacking. Please resubmit the form."
  • (FIX?) search problem: "An error has occurred while searching: We could not complete your search due to a temporary problem. Please try again later."
  • (WAIT) internal alias/namespace problems in the query service (there is reference to wikibase.svc, wait for Wikibase_options#Query_prefixes to be fixed maybe first)
  • (WAIT) autocomplete in the query service uses wrong prefix
  • (WAIT) why do some pages miss the logo (like this one), while some others have it?
  • (WAIT) QuickStatements has bugs
    • on accessing (user) batches
    • on running in background


  1. (Friday 15th:) Wikibase_options#Scripting_extensions
  2. (Friday 15th:) Wikibase_options#Gadgets
  3. Automatically done: set up API, for instance here, so it works. Seems to need:
    1. a site name is preconfigured
    2. have a way to get a token (presumably needed)
    3. to test:
      1. log in
      2. go here.
      3. click on the left on `action:wbeditentity`
      4. set `site` = ??? (there needs to be a choice!)
      5. set name = "This is a API test item"
      6. click "auto-fill token" (presumably needed)
      7. click "Make Request"
  4. Set up quick statements
  5. set up git/github/gitlab account so Paul can edit/update/see
  6. Set wgAllowUserJs to true
  7. Make mobile friendly with the MobileFrontend extension
  8. Add logo


  1. Wikibase_options#Query_prefixes
  2. Wikibase_options#Supporting_links_to_external_vocabularies (on, the property is P49)
  3. Configure file uploads securely!


  1. Wikibase_options#Constraints_handler